Problem: You are battling credit card debt but must have one for work

I have been working as a traveling project manager for over 2 years now. One of my conditions of employment is that I must have a credit card that I use for business expenses and get reimbursed. This is great because I get to earn rewards from the card but also tough as I am paying off credit card balances as well from the past.

A lot of get out of credit card debt guides say you should cut up all of your cards and use cash. I am writing this article for those of us who do not have that luxury. Some of us simply must have at least 1 credit card due to work requirements.


My approach to this issue is to have one card that is $0 balance and stays free of any personal debt or purchases. Once you start mixing business transactions with personal debt balances you can get into a messy high interest situation. If you are carrying a balance on the card then you will also pay interest on the business transactions too. This can skyrocket fast!

Personally I have 1 American Express card that I use for business expenses only. This makes it really easy to see how much the company owes me at any one time. Once I get my check for reimbursement it also makes it easy to find a discrepancy, if any. If what I get doesn't match the card balance then something is definitely off. Mistakes do happen and you could end up paying for a business expense. Be sure to watch it closely!

It is great to be able to earn reward points for business purchases which can be used later on for gift cards, travel, cash back, or just about anything you like. With a wide variety of rewards cards out there you have endless options available to you. Using this strategy of a dedicated card for business will make paying of debt easier to track and less headache in the long run.