Turn pocket change into savings!

One way to get started on saving money (for a vacation, retirement, car, etc.) is to simply save your change. No one likes to carry it around anyway. Get a jar or piggy bank and start dropping in your change every day. It will add up fast!

A great testament to this strategy is that my aunt and uncle saved all of their change for about 7 years. They had a 5 gallon water jug that all the change went into. After it was about 75% full they decided to have some wine and have a "coin rolling party."

They went to the bank and got lots of rollers for coins and went to work. When they finally finished the tally was somewhere around $5,000. They are now retired and used the money take fund their yearly ticket to South Africa (they live there half the year). Not bad!

I don't recommend waiting 7 years to roll your coins. Once a month or maybe every 3 months is good. You don't want to miss out on the interest you could earn while it sits around. You will also be able to see your savings grow without the feeling of missing out because you have to save money.

Get started on saving today! How much change do you have right now?