Rebates on Beer!

I bet the title of this post got some readers' attention! I was at the grocery store the other day here in Atlanta and I discovered that both Coors and Miller products had rebate forms attached to the 12 packs. It is summer time so this is a good deal for those having backyard cookouts with a group of people.

I read the details of the $15 rebate and found that you have to buy a combination of any 3x 12 packs (bottle or cans) of either Miller or Coors beers. After tax this works out to be about 50% off or $5 per 12 pack out the door! Not bad!

The stipulations of the offer here locally stated that all 3x 12 packs must be on the same receipt and you have to save the UPC's from the boxes. The original receipt must be submitted with the form. Pretty standard rebate stuff. This particular offer ends 7/12/09.

I had friends over last weekend so this worked out well for me. It will be nice when the $15 check shows up, most likely unexpected, and I will throw it towards debt payment.

Their are quite a few different rebates on beer out there at the moment. I have seen many including: $15 back for 3 Bud Light products, the 2 mentioned above, and $15 back when you buy $15 or more worth of steak or seafood AND 1x 12 pack of bud products. $15 will get me some good steaks for free so I will definitely do this one next! This offer ends 8/2/09.

Note that these rebates were not available in all states. Most likely due to state laws prohibiting rebates on alcohol.

Any other cool rebates out there that I have missed on beer? :)