Wholesale Clubs are not always the cheapest!

I have discovered that some people shop at wholesale clubs or other bulk stores because they save money. This is true but not always the case. I am a big fan of comparison shopping. The easiest way to do this is to get a price by weight or volume.

One example I have found in Gatorade. I can get 2x 64 oz bottles at my local grocery for $5 before tax. Sams Club, for example, sells the 32 oz bottles (in bulk) for 1.55 each. If I were to buy the same amount (32 oz x 4 bottles) it would cost me $6.20 before tax. This may not seem like much difference but adds up over time. $1.20 per week for 52 weeks is $62.40 plus applicable tax!

Make sure you do the math before you buy. Jot down your local grocery store prices (per ounce or pound) then compare it to the wholesale club price. You will easily be able to tell where the deals are and also where it is more expensive. A few minutes spent on this simple math can save hundreds!

I have found that wholesale clubs are best for raw meats, some canned goods, beer, frozen goods, and medicines. There will always be exceptions but this is a good general rule. Happy shopping and start saving!