Daily Deals: Woot.com

There are quite a few of "daily deal" websites that feature one item everyday at (usually) a good price. Every once in a while you find some real deals. Woot.com is my primary source for this as their product quality has been great thus far.

Other sites, such as midnightbox.com, have the same idea but tend to have not as popular items. Even still I find some good deals. Most of them change their items at midnight local time and the really popular items sell out fast.

They also do "mystery bags" for $1 each (+ $5 shipping) where you can actually end up with some good stuff such as a plasma TV or ipod or laptop. Granted this is not common you can still get some neat stuff cheap.

Every once in a while they will have a big sell off where they post items and once it sells out a new item comes up. This can be entertaining but also bad for the wallet for those without control. That said there are still deals to be had on these types of sites. The really good deals get posted on slickdeals.net most times and sell out very fast!