10 Simple Little Changes that can save money

Everyone likes to save money. I have come up with 10 smalls things that you can do in order to help stay under budget or reach a small (< $100) goal. Doing this can save you between $5 - $20 and that adds up!

  1. Have a "veggie" day. Basically you decide for 1 day you won't eat any meat. I personally love to eat meat but can handle a veggie day once in a while. I normally do this once a week. I find that my meal cost is cut in half whether that be at home or eating out. It is always cheaper. Beans are always a good filler.
  2. Cancel a magazine subscription. Have magazines piling up that your don't read any more? Go ahead and recycle/donate them and cancel the subscription. This can be an easy $20 saved by not being lazy!
  3. Plan a day of things to do at home or walk/use transit. Not driving your car saves on wear and tear and more importantly gas. I am sure there are plenty of things around the house to do that you have been putting off. Also be sure to combine errand trips to save on gas in the long run!
  4. Be sure to read the grocery store flyers! They have some good coupons and good specials. Be sure to take advantage when something you use regularly goes on special. Make room and stock up!
  5. Sell your books on amazon.com. This works well as you can see the lowest priced used book and undercut by 50 cents. I find that most of them get bought up pretty fast if they are a more popular title. Also get any future books at the library!
  6. Go through your closet and try to get rid of at least one third of your clothes. Take any name brand or high end stuff to a consignment shop and donate the rest. Tax write off too for donations!
  7. If you buy items with a rebate put the rebate checks directly into your savings. Chances are you won't even miss the money by the time it arrives!
  8. If you eat out lunch often like myself then it is best to stock drinks at work or even drink water and skip the drink. They are often pricey and add a lot to the cost of lunch (or dinner)!
  9. Keep an eye on coupons and get the local Sunday paper. I especially focus on groceries, home improvement/maintenance items, and auto maintenance. This adds up fast!
  10. When shopping for cleaning supplies, cosmetics, or toiletries make sure to look for the largest size containers. You almost always save money in the long run by purchasing the largest available as it lasts longer and costs less per unit (ie ounce or pound). Don't forget to check out the store brands of the same item too!
I know that all of the above may not be practical for everyone but even doing a few of them will make a difference. Give it a try and see how much money you can save!