Eat Healtheir and Cheaper: Farmer's Markets

This is a fairly well known fact but some may not know so I decided to post it here. Your local Farmer's Market has very fresh and also very cheap food. Often times a lot cheaper and better than your grocery store.

I go to one here in Atlanta and the cost of the produce is well under half of Kroger or Publix. The added bonus is that it is also a lot better quality too! Doing this also helps to force you to eat fresh foods instead of processed and you end up eating healthier. I find that I enjoy salads more when they are made from fresher ingredients.

Another bonus is they have foods from all over the world that you may not find or cost a fortune at the grocery store. My local one has great wines I cannot find anywhere else and specialty meats that are either hard to find, not as good, or even a lot more expensive elsewhere.

Bottom line is that you should at least go for some of your food and compare receipts. I am sure that you will be pleased with the cost AND quality of the food you eat.