Saving and Going Green: My Office is Moving

I spent most of today working on packing and tearing down shelves in my office at work. We are moving from a warehouse-style building to a high rise in downtown Atlanta. By doing so we are getting a much nicer office space, a lot of food options in the building, a better neighborhood, and best of all I can take mass transit to and from work!

This will prove to save a lot of money for me since the company will pay for my transit card. Not only will I have unlimited access to the MARTA system but I will also not be spending $4 per gallon on gas for my car (plus wear and tear). I also don't have to worry about paying for parking downtown. This will add at least another $100 per month to my budget. I look forward to banking that money!

It is going to be a lot of work to get us moved in 3 weeks and still operate a company. It is well worth it since the train station is IN our building! It will take me roughly 15-20 minutes by train to get to work and I get to play on my iPhone while I wait. I am excited! An added bonus is that is helps the environment a little too.