Ramping up savings: A change in direction!

I am finally to the point now where at the end of the month I have decide which goal to add my leftover money too. I call this a good "problem". This will soon increase a little since my company is moving to an office where I can use mass transit and get it reimbursed. Not only will I get a free metro pass but I will also be down to driving 1 mile (total) per work day.

With gas prices approaching $4 per gallon in the Atlanta area (I filled up today for $38.00 for 10 gallons!) I really like this idea. That doesn't even factor in the wear and tear, tires, brakes, oil changes, etc. that will all be delayed due to less driving. I also like being able to get things done on the train in.

My office will be moving next month. That means a lot of work in the meantime but well worth it in the long run. We will be in a large building with a mall in the basement with lots of great lunch options and in downtown Atlanta with plenty of nice places around us too. I will have a view of the city from my office. All pluses!

For my budget this should free up around $100 per month. That means I will have that much to add to savings month-to-month barring any extra spending or minor expenses that can pop up. I am considering getting more aggressive with my emergency fund to hit the magic $10,000 mark then switch to Roth IRA funding and a couple of other smaller goals. If all goes well I should have a raise in July too!

I finally feel as if I am starting to gain ground on getting to the life I want. I am able to travel a little bit more thanks to airline miles, great deals online, and more free cash flow. I am coming out of the rut of debt and stress and moving towards a little more freedom. It is very refreshing and I want more!