My first trips to the thrift stores: Success!

This past Saturday I had a couple of free hours. I have been wanting to go to the local thrift stores and decided to go have a look around. I went without cash to curb impulse spending and it worked! I spent less than $10 and stand to actually make money from it!

I started off at the local Goodwill. This was my first trip inside of a Goodwill store (I have donated plenty but never shopped). I was surprised how organized it was! I was on a mission for some new (to me) T shirts. I found 3 unique shirts that I liked for a whopping $6.71 out the door. I was off to a good start.

I also stopped in at 2 locally owned thrift stores near my house. I chatted with the owners and had a look around. I ended up buying an LP record (paid $1) and found it to be worth around $10 on eBay. At the second store I got a pair of kitchen scissors I needed for $1. I am going to list the record for sale online this week.

If I net $10 from the sale of the record then I actually made a couple bucks. I spent a total of $8.71 so coming out ahead is way OK with me. I plan to do more of this type of shopping where I know I can sell and item for more than they ask. It will be a fun and profitable hobby! I wish I started this 10 years ago!