Off to New York City!

It is time for my second mini-vacation of the year!

A friend and I will be going to New York City for a 3-day weekend. He has never been so I will show him around, have a nice meal at a good restaurant, and make sure we both have a good time. It will be a busy weekend but worth it and great fun.

Ever since I have been to New York for work I take every chance I can to visit on the cheap. I used my $300 voucher from Delta to get my flight for free, I landed a 3-star hotel in SoHo for $115 per night (a steal in Manhattan!), and already have my low-cost entertainment options picked out. We will also be taking advantage of my Platinum AMEX card for free lounge access at both airports (and free drinks!).

The flights and hotel are already paid for so all I have to worry about is my metrocard, meals, and entertainment. I am not worried about ATM fees since my Charles Schwab Investor Checking refunds any ATM fees I pay.

Have a great weekend!