Verizon Customers: here comes the iPhone!

Apple just announced that the iPhone 4 will be available to Verzion Wireless customers in the USA starting on February 10, 2011. As a current iPhone owner (and I love it!) I am curious to see how this goes. A lot of people hate AT&T and have been waiting for this day.

My prediction: AT&T is about to lose a lot of customers. Some people are so angry with them that they will be more than happy to pay the contract cancel fees. I also foresee a flood of iPhones (AT&T/GSM) to be sold on eBay next month. They will devalue as a result except for those who want to unlock and take to another carrier/country.

I was pretty sure this was going to happen as Apple stands to make a LOT of money from this deal. Not only do they sell more phones but they get 30% of the app store revenue from all the new customers using and becoming addicted to their iPhones. This will surely make their stock go (further) through the roof!

For now I will be sticking with AT&T. I work in a building with a metal roof and Verzion phones do not work in buildings with a metal roof. I am also under contract and don't want to pay $275 to leave early. I will wait until my contract is up and then see where I stand.