More work travel: New York City, NY

I have a last minute, 2-day trip to New York for work. I love these trips as New York is a fun city and can be less expensive now that I have learned some of the tricks to not spending a fortune in NYC. If all goes well I will have one night and maybe even a couple of hours to play in Manhattan.

I will be in NYC from Jan 20-21 assuming the weather cooperates with me. On my "fun" schedule I have free hot dogs, coffee from the ING Direct cafe, a visit to the 5th Avenue Apple Store, and dinner from my favorite street cart and also the 25 cent store in Chinatown. I will also spend some time in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn where I can get the unique chocolate chip cookies the the chips on top instead of baked in!

Given the chance I would love to live in New York City for a year to get the "real feel" of the city. I also like the idea of not needing a car at all and having direct flights to tons of overseas destinations (especially on sale fares) sounds quite appealing. I also love the multicultural aspect of the city and want to explore it's excellent ethnic neighborhoods and restaurants.

Trips like these make up for all of the crappy ones to Detroit and Indiana!