Snow Day in Atlanta

Today I awoke to 4 inches of snow/ice in my yard. I had the choice of either going to work or burning a vacation day so I chose work. Needless to say it was an interesting commute in a city with essentially zero infrastructure for handling snow or ice. I avereaged 20 mph and it took me around 45 minutes to go 9 miles to the office.

All in all I think this was the best choice for me. It made financial sense to not burn a vacation day playing video games at home and instead saving it for my planned vacation this coming November. I am looking at Asia again as my boss said getting another month off is not completely out of the question!

The down side of the snow days here are the ignorance that runs a muck. People drive crazy, the number of accidents approach 1000 in a single day, and you cannot get bread or milk or eggs at the grocery store. I partially blame the media for making people go overboard. One advantage of buying groceries in bulk is so that you have enough to make it for a few days in a bad storm such as this.

It is supposed to continue tomorrow. My boss offered to pick us up from the train station which I will take him up on. Why risk an accident in my car with costly damage or worse injury. I will even get reimbursed for the fare so it is a no brainer! Life must go on!