Back on the road! Detroit and New York City in 2 days!

After a long week of work last week mixed with 2 days in New York I get to go back on the road Wednesday. This will be a much more intense trip with my flying to Detroit and staying the night followed by in and out the same day in New York. The major downside is I will not earn miles for this trip as it was booked 2 days in advance using an award ticket.

That said I don't mind going back to New York so I can hit up my new favorite empanada shop near the job site. I wish I could have more time to stick around the city but being an expensive place my company tries to minimize our time there. That said I can keep my food costs down and bank a little per diem!

I will most certainly use my Sky Club Pass on this trip if I end up with extra time (which I should) so I can relax after 2 long days on the road before back to the office on Friday. Even when it is hectic I find ways to enjoy some of my time on the road!