Small actions that add up: staying frugal

I always keep an eye out for things that help me get ahead a little bit. Recently I have run out of "big items" to boost my net worth so now I look for smaller items. I have decided to share some of the little things I do to get ahead on a constant basis.


  • Free after rebate electronics: My most recent are bluetooth headsets. I got 5 that cost me 5 cents total after rebates. I sell them on ebay for basically free money!
  • Focus Groups: I am in a lot of focus group databases and get calls weekly. When I get lucky and qualify and the time fits my work schedule I make easy money. I made $40 tonight for 20 minutes + free Arby's sandwiches!
  • The Grocery Game: I have mentioned this before and it still pays off. This is a paid site that more than pays for itself for me. It has cut my grocery bill by at least 40% per month.
  • Selling stuff any way I can: I am purging my house of useless (to me) stuff. I am dumping stuff on ebay, craigslist, and to anyone who will buy it. Electronics are easiest and books and DVDs do ok too. So far I have added $100 to my emergency fund this month!
  • Shop around for everything: I own a home. I have furnished it with stuff that was mostly free or next to it. If I need something I check google/amazon for a price starting point. For furniture and the like I hit up thrift shops. Clothes at goodwill. You get the idea!
Anywhere I can earn an extra buck or save a buck on something I needed anyway is another dollar towards financial freedom. People are rich because they watch their money--not because they spend it.  If you see someone in an expensive car they have no money--it's all tied up in maintaining that depreciating asset. Frugal for the win!