Taxes are filed!

I have completed my tax return for 2011. I will get just north of $1700 as a refund and the state of Georgia finally allows direct deposit of refunds. All I have to do now is wait for the deposits to hit my account.

Getting a refund is nice. It allows me to get further in my personal financial goals. The refund this year was much higher than I expected. My plans for it now are to help fund a small business idea and also add to savings. The sooner I get the emergency fund ramped up the sooner I can have more freedom in life as a whole.

I used H&R Block software again which cost $20 but saved me hours and a lot of paper and mailing. E-filing is the way to go as it gets you the refund the quickest. Unfortunately e-filing for state costs $20 extra so I elected to paper mail it in. Waiting an extra week or two puts $15 more in my pocket after mailing costs. Worth the wait to me!