Credit Card for Student Loan Payments!

No I am not implying you would pay your student loans with a credit card. That is risky. Although getting the points for it would be good if you were responsible and paid off the card each month!

This time I am referring to the Citibank ThankYou credit card. You earn ThankYou points that can be spent on gift cards, cash back, and in my case student loan payments! It starts as low as 2500 points = $25 payment. In my case I am getting 50,000 bonus points for meeting $2500 in spending. That will give me a total of 52,500 points or a $525 student loan payment.

This is a good card for someone who is financially responsible and is still paying down their student loans. They get a 1% rebate on all of their normal spending to go towards their student loans. Not doing this (assuming they are responsible with credit cards) is literally leaving free money on the table! Get every penny you are due!

This will cost me $0 to achieve since I will be doing my normal spending and some business travel expenses on the card. This was a no-brainer in my case as one of my latest credit card churns. Knocking off a nice chunk of my student loans for something I have to do anyway for free is smart money! All I have to do is call Citibank when the points are posted and request a check be sent. Easy!