More Work Travel: Getting busy!

I learned today at work that if all goes through I will have quite the busy travel time. I am already booked for Maine and Boston. I still have Baltimore at some unknown time for at least 3 trips. Now looks like I will be adding Salt Lake City, UT and Tennesse and WV/VA/NC and Scranton, PA. That is a LOT of road time!

I am seeing lots of per diem, miles, points, and good times in my future. Of course I will be working a lot but will do my best to throw in some fun stuff when I can. I will be adding new states to my list as a result and seeing some great scenery in Utah. I am assuming more of the same around Scranton as well as West Virginia. It is great to see the country on someone else's dime!

Time to dust off the travel bags. Here we go!