Why Pay to Watch/Read Advertisements?

The title of this post is to make you think. People are spending around $100 USD per month on cable or satellite TV. They are essentially paying to be forced to watch the ads and relentless marketing that makes you buy more stuff. This is a very good scam in my opinion.

The same goes for magazine subscriptions. You are paying for them to mail you ads to read. Sure there may be a couple of interesting articles. But you are slammed with ads for the 20 pages between the articles you read. How else could they afford to send you the magazines for $3 per year?

The point is to ditch cable and magazines. They are 100% unnecessary and are a drain the money away from your true goals in life. If you must watch shows find alternate sources such as Netflix, Hulu, or the particular TV network's website. If you are a sports fan (which is also overrun by marketing) then I suggest looking for streaming online packages for the games you want. I promise they are less than $100 per month!

Start today! Cut the cord and move on with life!