It's okay to splurge on Stuff: If you can afford it.

I read this post over at Get Rich Slowly and it got me thinking. Even on my blog I am a big proponent of experiences, especially travel, as well as great ethnic food and being super frugal. That article allowed me to a step back and realize that sometimes we want to splurge on stuff (such as an LCD TV).

I began thinking of my own habits and find that I do tend to use most of my splurge money on travel. That is my choice as that is what I enjoy. I tend to shy away from buying more stuff as it adds clutter to my house, is not that important to me, and I am working hard to reach lofty savings goals. Stuff just takes a very low priority in my life.

I also realized that given the above goals I still splurge on stuff from time to time. I recently ordered a new GPS system for my car. My iPhone works fine for navigation but I like the ease of use, the ability to stay on the low data plan, and my battery doesn't die as fast. The GPS System has more advanced navigation features that I also really like.

Personally when I am buying stuff I try to direct my money to things that I need now but can also help me in travel later. The iPhone is a great example as I can get a lot of things done from anywhere and it will also prove useful on the road later. I am trying to mold my buying habits in such a way where I think to myself: If I buy this item today I will have to carry it around with me all the time. This cuts out a lot of fluff and I end up with things that are mobile.

I realize that even though travel is very important to me someone else may value a 7,000 inch plasma TV more. Once we make sure we are on track for our goals it's ok to spend some money any way you see fit. I may say that travel and experiences are much more important but that is my opinion. Do what you want with your money! (Assuming all of your vital goals are on track first!)