Travel Planning! Time for the fun stuff!

I love travel planning. This week I am doing a bit of it for my planned vacations coming up.

With my recent Delta voucher wins I am going to New York City in less than 2 weeks for a weekend. I still have some vouchers left and am looking at the free beach house I have access too in Myrtle Beach or possibly New Orleans for Memorial Day weekend. I love both places!

I am also doing a little more research for my Asia trip in November (another month!) since I will be booking business class tickets using miles and using multiple airlines. It takes a lot more learning on my part. I have to figure out routing options, lounges I can go to, etc. It is all part of the fun for me! This is my big trip I look forward too all year long.

As of now I have New York done, narrowing down Memorial Day weekend and Thailand is probably around 30-40%. I am also waiting on some credit card bonuses to post so I can book the flights for Thailand and lock in my dates. I also have to figure out my itinerary for Asia so I can narrow down my flight options.