Next mini-vacation: New York City!

I am just off my cruise and I am already booking another trip!

I finally convinced a friend of mine to come with my to New York City. He has never been, always wanted to go, and with my experience in the city from work we are going for a weekend. I used my $300 Delta voucher to buy my plane ticket and scored a 3-star room in SoHo for $115 per night for the weekend! New York is expensive but it doesn't have to be!

I will be there from April 8 - 10. There is so much to see that I always save something for the next time I go. My main goals this time are to show my friend the good stuff, have a coney dog on Coney Island, and go to one of the nicer restaurants in New York for an excellent meal. The balance of the time will be spent exploring the city and visiting with a friend who lives there.

I am already excited about the trip and am doing some more side work to get extra money to cover the extras costs I will incur for that weekend. With around 5 weeks to prepare I should be all set!