Hello Bonus Miles!

I have ventured into credit card churning in order to get my self some free travel. Things are going very well!

I do not recommend this to everyone since you must be responsible with credit for this to work. It also involves reading and understanding all of the fine print and completing all of the steps to gain the bonus awards. You also may have to front some annual fees and have to do a cost/benefit analysis. For me it is worth the trouble!

So far I have gotten:

  • Continental Airlines: 50,000 miles
  • US Airways: 35,000 miles
  • American Airlines: 75,0000 miles
All of this is on top of my normal Delta earnings from my American Express card. For those who are not familiar with the programs this means that with American I can get a free round trip to Asia or Europe or South America, With US I can get a free round trip to Central America, and I am close to another free round trip to Asia or Europe or South America with Continental. 

My total costs for this so far is $85 (one annual fee). Not bad at all! This also gives me a chance to compare Delta + partners to others and see what is my best choice for the long haul. I can also compare programs, fees, and flexibility as well and figure out how I want to proceed.