Pro Tip: Create a "Bills" Calendar on your Computer/Smart Phone

A while back I created a calendar called "Bills" on my computer. This calendar syncs with my iPhone and now I know when all of my bills are due. I have automated the majority of my bill paying but have a few that are not for various reasons.

Regardless if you automate or not this is a useful tool. I have reminders pop up and I can go check to be sure that the automatic payment went through or I just simply make the payment when it is time. This forces me to be aware of my money while still keep it 90% automated and less prone to mistakes.

I also use this to keep track of irregular payments such as insurance. I pay my life, auto, and homeowner's insurance once per yer to get the lowest rate. They are all due in different months. This calendar also reminds me when to send these payments which could be easily forgotten other wise!

Because of this system have virtually eliminated all late fees and associated stress. I don't pay the insurance company's "lazy tax" by getting on a monthly plan. That is just not frugal at all! It took me about 30 minutes to set up and I don't have to worry. Get an new bill? Add it to the calendar. Drop/or change a bill? Adjust as needed!