Success: 3-star hotel for $75!

I have to use Priceline at work a lot for our business travel hotels. Today I booked my hotel in Portsmouth, NH for my upcoming travel and used their famed "name your own price" tool.  It worked and I landed a $140 room for $75.

I have had good success with this tool in the past. I have used it for myself to get a hotel room in New York City for $99 on multiple occasions. My company has used it nationwide to book rooms all over. It really is a money saver!

When I begin my search I try to see what the going rate for lower level rooms are (I always go for under $100 per night everywhere). I then submit a bid at the lower level room rate ($75 in this case) for a 3+ star hotel. Sometimes I get it. Other times it suggests a higher bid or gives your a "one time offer" of the price they really wanted.

Overall I think priceline is excellent for hotel deals. I personally believe it helps to "name your own price" when it is closer to your travel time as hotels like to fill otherwise empty rooms. If you are a week out from the travel they know that it is unlikely they will fill the room at the full rate anyway in a short time period. This is where you win!