Travel Deals Blog: Frugal Travel Guy

I found a great blog and resource for travel deals and travel credit card bonus offers. This guy is the king of getting bonus points to obtain free hotels, airfare, car rentals, etc. He goes into the details of all the offers, analyzes them, and puts instructions on how to take advantage in plain English. Saves me leg work!

His title is similar to mine as a coincidence. Until a few days ago I had no idea his blog existed. While his site design is not the best the information is. He posts daily with deals he finds, tips from his readers, and anything else of interest to us travel lovers. He also posts on really low and "mistake" airfares which can be great for saving a lot on your next vacation.

His blog inspired me to take advantage of more of the bonus offers. I am going to attempt to use offers to get free airfare for myself in 2011 for my trips. With the offers that are out now this should not be an issue! Credit card companies want customers and are giving away a lot of points to do it. I need to jump on this boat and ride the wave!