My First Estate Sale!

This past Saturday morning I was out running some errands. On my way back home I noticed a sign for an estate sale 2 neighborhoods away. I decided to stop in and have a look.

The sign said the sale was from 8-5 and it was around 10:45 by the time I arrived. I assumed most of the "good stuff" was gone but had a look around anyway. I ended up with a small stuffed bear (for a gift) and 2 pot holders. It cost me a whopping $2!

$2 is not bad for a gift and something I actually needed for the kitchen. Going to an estate sale was on my 101 goals in 1001 days list so now I killed three birds with one stone: a list item, a gift, and something I needed!

Once home I started thinking about it: I should do this much more often! I can get things I need at a very good price, help someone else out, and possibly find things I can resell on craigslist or ebay. I also do not have to pay sales tax and it can be a fun hobby to boot. I am certainly going to look into this more!