Yet Even More Work Travel!!!

Things are really heating up on the work travel front right before I leave!

I just booked a trip that covers the entire state of Maryland in 3 days. Once I return I only have 2 days before I depart to Asia. This makes me happy as I can clock in some more miles to beef up my account balance and contribute to my elite status for next year. This will make a total of 8 flights in 2 weeks. That is probably the busiest travel month I have had to date for work.

This will also make me appreciate my vacation time more and give me more miles to use next year. I hit my AMEX's bonus threshold and am nearing 200,000 redeemable miles. The per diems I get for travel also give me a little more fun money that I can use while I am in Asia as well. As a result I am looking into visiting a second paradise beach island while I am there.

I do love spending time "Up in the air" as we like to say at the office.