More Travel!: Denver & Colorado Springs, CO

I have some more travel on the horizon before I leave for Asia. I am doing a mixed work/fun trip out to Colorado Springs to help a co-worker get a house ready for sale. It needs some cleaning and organizing so it can be sold to a new owner. I will also visit with my cousin who lives in Denver as an added bonus.

I have never been to Colorado before so it will be a new place to add to my list. The flight was reasonable and I got a rental car for a whopping $3.49 per day! I have always heard of the crazy rental car deals like this but this is the first time I actually found and was able to take advantage of one!

The business end of this trip is that when the house sells I will earn some money. I am OK with this arrangement as I am fronting all the costs of my travel expenses and my time to do the work that needs to get done. This will work out well for me and give me a nice boost financially. It is a triple win: I get money, I get to travel, and I am helping out a friend in need.

I will be in Colorado from Oct 21 to Oct 24.