It's Official! I have paid off my last credit card!!!

Today marks a milestone for me. I have officially cleared all of my credit card debt. My last payment cleared my account today and I am now free of 3 payments! I have room in my budget to work towards other goals and of course more room to breathe. It has been a long process.

This is a big milestone for me. I have worked hard, sacrificed, and budgeted frugally to make this happen in (my opinion) record time! I used the debt snowball method of paying my lowest balance debt first then worked my way up to the largest balance. I did have the help of some bonuses, a home refinance, a reinstatement of salary, and successful ebay/craiglist sales to make this all happen. I admit I was in some hard times financially and mentally. It is all behind me now!

I am now reworking my monthly budget to utilize the extra cash flow effectively. I have increased my 401(k) contribution, restarted my automatic deposits to my emergency fund, and am looking into other options. Having money leftover every month is a great problem to have. Now is the time to get it put to work for me!