Home Insurance Shopping: Lesson Learned!

I recently switch my homeowner's insurance since it would save me nearly $200 per year. Doing so I went online to insweb.com to get quotes. To be fair I did get some quotes and the end result was good. On the down side I am getting endless calls from insurance agents. I will not do this again!

It was good to get multiple quotes so I can be sure that I get a fair price. The problem lies in the agents. They almost all work on commission and are aggressive. I am to the point now where I simply hang up on all of them as they don't seem to understand that I have bought and am completely not interested in anything they have to say.

I know now better for next time. I will look up and contact a few companies directly so some website doesn't fan out my phone number to 20 people. The fact that this burns my cell phone minutes is a minor annoyance to the calls I get all day long while I am at work. I was also annoyed that most of them did not simply email the quote I requested. They wanted to call and try to sell me other insurance. Lesson learned!