Refinance Closing Complete! Consolidation Begins!

Today I closed on the refinance of my current mortgage and HELOC into a new 30-year mortgage. I went through my local credit union and lowered my interest rate from 6% to 4.5% on my entire balance. This is a great rate and I freed up almost $200/month in cash flow as a result!

I finished my closing around 2 hours ago and I feel a big relief. All the paperwork, applications, appraisal, inspectors, and general hectic mess is over. I am now paying just shy of $400 per month for my newly remodeled foreclosure home in a great area. It took me 1 year, 2 months to get to this point. It feels great!

Now some real work begins. As I write this I am on hold with yet another credit card company. Now that I am past credit checks and needs for borrowing I am doing an "avalanche" of account closings. I have multiple cards that I no longer use. I opened them to get bonuses and rewards and am now closing the accounts I don't need.

I am in the big process of simplifying my financial life so I can focus on other things. I have paid off all of my credit card balances except for 1 and that will be paid off this month and I will close that account too. I will be left with only a handful of my oldest accounts to maintain my credit history and to have for emergencies. I will continue to use my Delta SkyMiles card to earn my free travel rewards as usual.