ING Direct Cafe: New York, NY

Ever since I saw the information on ING's site about their cafes I was curious. I thought to myself: "Why would a bank open a coffee shop?" While I was in New York last weekend for work I stopped by to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised by my experience.

ING Direct Cafe, New York

The idea behind the ING direct cafe is to provide information about ING Direct products as well as offer very inexpensive, high quality coffee. Coffee was $1 and frozen and other fancier drinks were $1.50. As an ING Direct debit card holder I got half off those prices! How is that for your "latte factor"?? This is a great deal anywhere but especially in New York.

Jokes aside it was a good place. When you buy a drink they give you a card for 45 minutes of access to their free internet terminals. I found that they would give you more time if you asked for it. Also great was the free wifi. Bring your own laptop and surf as much as you want.

If you are near any of their locations (New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Wilmington, DE, Chicago, St. Cloud, MN, Honolulu). I suggest checking them out! They are inexpensive, good source of ING Direct information, and have great, cheap coffee. They also have the only known ING Direct branded ATM machines in the nation!