Save money on shipping!

It is inevitable that one day we all have to ship something. Whether it be a gift, returning an item to a store, or even for business. It is also well known that the UPS Store and Fedex Office are expensive to ship from and I personally hate the Post Office and skip it. I have a solution:

Create and print your shipping labels online at!

You get a better rate than at the UPS store and you can pay online with a credit/debit card for the shipping fees. You then simply print the label at tape it to your box(es) and you are good to go. It also has the option to save addresses in an address book for future use. You can always log back into your UPS account later to track the shipments which is easier than trying to type it off a receipt printout from the UPS store.

You can then take the packages down to any UPS Store or any other UPS drop-off location (such as Staples). This saves you their "handling" charges of up to $6 per box! Another trick I use is to go to department or liquor stores for boxes (free and better for the environment) if you don't have one. I do my best to keep a few in my closets for times like these. Don't waste money on shipping when you don't have too!