How public transit can save us money

I live in Atlanta. I admit that the public transportation system here is dismal at best. That said it does have some limited uses and if the money makes sense I will use it if I can. The problem is poor, infrequent bus service combined with a small, inadequate rail system. It is difficult and time consuming to use it as your only mode of transport. Sometimes it makes sense, though.

Example: I am going to a concert on Thursday night. It is in downtown and the parking lots jack their rates up to $20-30 because of events. The venue is accessible by the train system. I decided that parking my car for free at the train station and paying $4 round trip was much better.

You also have to consider the hidden savings by doing this. I used less gas. I put less mileage on my car which means less worn tires and breaks and I will not need to change the oil as soon. I also had to walk a few blocks from the station to the venue so a very small health benefit of extra exercise could technically be added in.

The point is that if your city has transit options and you own a car you can still come out ahead by using it from time to time. I also find that public transit can be good people watching sometimes. You could also catch up on some reading while en route. Research your local system and see if it would be beneficial to you!