Remember: Do things that make you happy!

Today I felt like I need a reminder of why I am budgeting, sacrificing, and flat out busting my butt at work day in and day out. I realized that I need to make time to do things that make me happy. I tend to get caught up in focusing on paying my debts off and worrying about money that I forget to live life!

No matter what your budget or debt situation you have to do something that you actually enjoy. It is the only way to stay motivated and stay on track. Those of us who make good progress on debt then revert usually forget to do this. We get burned out and go off the deep end with spending to compensate and we are back in the hole again. We have to strike a balance that keeps the train rolling.

I wrote this post as a reminder to me and all of you to be sure you take time to live your life. It doesn't have to be all work and drudgery. We all have to do fun stuff to relax and take our minds off things for a while. A little can go a long way here!