Electric Bill: How I keep mine at a consistent $30 per month!

Just about everyone I have spoken with is impressed with the fact that my power bill is at a low $30 per month (average). It is the result of a lot of frugal moves that I made while remodeling my new house as well as new habits that I have formed.

Steps I took to get my power bill low:

  • CFL Bulbs - This is a BIG one. I installed all CFL bulbs in my house and they burn around 7 watts instead of 60, 75, or 100. That means compared to 100 watt bulb I am using 93% less power!
  • New appliances - My house needed new appliances as it had none when I bought it. Everything I bought I researched the Energy Star rating to be sure it was on the lower end.
  • Unplugging - This habit of unplugging anything I don't use regularly helps a lot. Simply having a cord plugged in uses power.
  • Turn off lights! - Even though I only burn a few watts I still turn off all lights religiously as I enter and leave rooms. I do this for all other things that draw power too.
  • Thermostat - My new thermostat is programmable so I don't have to remember to adjust it manually every day. I also keep it a couple of degrees outside my "comfort zone" and use fans or jackets accordingly.
Following these basic steps will dramatically cut your electric bill. The investment in CFL bulbs pays for itself many times over in the form of energy savings and a much longer life. Outside of that more efficient appliances and good habits take care of the rest!