New Goal: Be more careful with food/going out spending!

I have been bad with this the past few months. The bottom line is that I have been eating/going out too much and have to cut back. It will be an adjustment for me as a person who really enjoys going out on a regular basis.

I am doing more creative cooking at home to combat this somewhat. Trying new dishes and ideas in the kitchen and learning a useful skill at the same time. I am also utilizing leftovers for work lunches to help prevent waste, save money, and ultimately be healthier than the fast food options in the mall in my building.

I am limiting myself to eating lunch out no more than twice per week (work travel counts as lunch out since I have no choice then). I am also cutting way back on restaurant dinners and nights out with friends to preserve my budget. I am trying to limit it to special occasions and weekends. This should also free up my time for side projects/work where I will hopefully earn more.

This one will be tough to do but I must do it if I want to get ahead on my savings goals. Not blowing my extra money each month on going out will allow more travel and travel to more expensive places. It will also create good habits for when I am not working or working less in the future. I just have to be stubborn about it!