Work Travel Confirmed: Boston in Feb 2012

I finally have my first booked flight this year. I am headed to Boston for 2 days in Feb for an on site installation for a client. While I am tired of Boston I will take the miles and time out of the office as welcome change of pace. It will take a lot of work flights this year to hit 50,000 miles!

I am aiming high for Delta miles this year since I want to have enough banked for a trip to the world cup in 2014. Business class award tickets to Brazil do not come cheap so I need to beef up my Delta balance. I also have 2013 travel to think about but I need to get through 2012 first :). The trip to Brazil will be great for the beach as well as checking the world cup off my life bucket list.

I now know for sure that I will go to Baltimore at least 2 or 3 times this year, West Virginia/Virginia/North Carolina once, and northern Maine once. If the pace keeps up I will certainly hit my 50,000+ goal. Work travel is a major source of my free flying so I want to maximize it any way I can!