US Airways Grand Slam 2011: I am on my way!

I spent some time getting my first few "hits" for the US Airways Grand Slam. I have done all of my free options except for the upcoming work travel in October that I will credit to US Air. It looks like it will only cost me $40 or so out of pocket to get my account up to 25,000 miles. I am planning on using this for a domestic trip of some sort next year. I can finally have a use for the 10,000 I got there from my Barclay's card.

I could earn up to 100,000 miles from this promo but a few of the ways to earn are expensive and something I don't really want. If I had more free income I would consider it but with all the points I have thus far I have more than I can currently use. This is a good problem but I have to work within my (very) limited budget.

I am glad I found this fun hobby where I can earn very inexpensive travel thanks to my good credit and attention to detail of program/promotional rules. I should have done this years ago but no better time than the present.