Staying ahead in tough economic times

The bad economy in America is old news. We all hear about it day in and day out. A friend of mine was laid off recently. Things at my own job have been wishy-washy lately too. We have been busy but it seems when we gain ground we lose it elsewhere. All of this has renewed my focus on an adequate emergency fund.

My emergency fund is growing nicely but not as fast as I would like. I have lost a roommate and the income from that so I cut expenses as much as I sanely could and also am working on a side business. The slowness of my savings growth frustrates me to no end but there is no quick fix. I find myself very irritable lately and impatient most of the time. Nothing like the feeling of being stuck to put you in a great mood...

Another annoyance that is bothering me is the fact that I am going on 3 years without a raise in an already sub-par paying job. Costs have gone up on all fronts, especially food, over the past 3 years. Bundle in inflation and I am actually losing ground in real terms. I fear the days are numbered before I get completely fed up with it all.

Therefore I am going to start seriously looking for something else. One can only tread water for so long before change is imminent. It seems I need to find a larger company with more stability and hopefully a more interesting position available. Some benefits, such as health insurance, would also be nice. I need change. I am bored and stagnant where I am now. There has to be something better out there!