One Month Away: Asia Trip Preparations!

I am now roughly one month from boarding my Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt, onto Paris, and finally Thai Airways to Bangkok. All in First Class!

Needless to say I am very excited!

I still have a lot to do in the month leading up to departure. I am planning my grocery purchases around using up stuff that will spoil while I am gone and not buying anything I don't need. I am also researching in more detail my planned destinations that I have not been too before. I am finalizing my budget for the trip and making sure I have the money in my travel account.

At the same time I still have 2 work trips to go in October and of course going to work full time. I head up to Buffalo, NY next week and then to Hartford, CT at some point in late October. It is a lot of work to be able to leave work for a month but most certainly well worth it. I am lucky to have the month off in the first place so I have to take full advantage of the time!