Money Hacks: How to get ahead with psychology!

I have read about some money hacks recently and I do use some of them, and some of my own, to get ahead. Curbing spending is hard for a gadget lover like me but I have come a long way. Here are a few hacks I use regularly:

  • Time Cost: I ask myself: How many hours did I have to work to buy this? Do I still really want it? How else could I better use this money?
  • Come back Saturday: If I find something I like I will wait and come back Saturday to buy it. Most often I don't go back. I call it "impulse buy insurance".
  • 30-Day List: Courtesy: Get Rich Slowly. If you see something you want put it on a 30 day list and review after 30 days to see if you still want it
  • 2-for-1: Courtesy: Get Rich Slowly. For every item you buy you have to sell or donate 2. This doesn't always work but it is a good incentive to get the clutter down. I use this one now too!
  • Sell Stuff First: Similar to above. If their is an item I want I make myself sell something to get the money to buy it. I do eBay often and use my paypal account to keep track of how much I have to go toward that item purchase.
  • Going out: Find a coupon, discount, or groupon-like option. I force myself to never pay full price at a restaurant. Saves big!
The above hacks keep me out of financial trouble and more debt. There are tons out there! Find the ones that work for you and stick with them. Waiting to make a purchase almost always saves you money in some way or another.