The Grocery Game: Update

It has been nearly 3 months since I started using the grocery game to save money on food. I was skeptical at first since it is a paid service. I decided to use the 4 week free trial and see if it really worked for myself.

The result: I save a lot of money. I pay $10 for 8 weeks access to the database. The coupons, sales, and tracking make it well worth my while to invest in it. I also subscribe to the local Sunday newspaper to automate getting the coupons each week.

According to my Kroger receipts I save 45% to 60% on my total bill. This does factor in their "regular price" so after looking at coupons only I save around 30% or more each time I go. I now have a decent stockpile of food and simply stock up on what is on sale this week when I run low.

Overall I have to save it is worth the investment. I am saving a great deal of money that I otherwise would spend even after the cost of newspapers and the website access. Give it a try yourself and you will see how much of a difference it makes!