The New Year's Purge

Everyone talks about Spring cleaning. I tend to do my a bit early--In January. I like this time of year to sit down and do my annual financial review, clean out closets and cabinets, and simplify my life both financially and otherwise. It is good to start the year fresh and in control!

Here are a few things I look at each year:

  • Reduce my stuff (clothes, electronics, furniture) by 25% or more by selling, donating, gifting.
  • Shred sensitive documents no longer needed.
  • Consolidate financial accounts.
  • Close unused or dormant financial accounts.
  • Scan important documents from past year to PDF and store safely.
  • Roll accumulated coins and deposit to savings (or debt payment).
  • Donate unwanted canned goods to food bank.
  • Use up gift cards.
Above is just my base list. I find that as I go I discover more that I can do. The idea is to make life simpler and easier. Clutter causes stress and costs money. Having to manage too many financial accounts takes time and gives you more room for error. The idea here is to keep it simple and maintain a manageable lifestyle!