Keeping goals (and life) in focus!

The new year for most people means new goals. At the end of last year I posted an update on my progress. I find that going over your longer term, lifelong goals is a good exercise to keep you focused on what really matters. I am going to list my personal goals here:

  • Travel: My #1 goal is to travel and see as much of the world as I can
  • Independence: In order to travel I need to be financially independent. Hence this blog was born!
  • Meaning: I want my life to have meaning. Once I am financially independent I can focus more on volunteering and charity work that I feel is important.
  • People: Life is all about the people. I want to make new friends and keep tabs on the current friends. Living life alone is NOT fun!
  • Stuff: I am somewhat anti-stuff. I am the opposite of a pack rat and want to have as little as possible. This will allow me to be more free to travel without the physical and mental weight of too much stuff dragging me down.
Any time I feel discouraged or that I am drifting off course I try to think of these things. Sometimes I get lost in the shorter term goals and details and forget to step back and look at the big picture. This post is a reminder to myself and all of us to keep things in perspective!