Have a daily routine -- Save Money!

I have been thinking about changing up my daily routine to mix things up a bit in my life. Doing the same thing over and over each day can get boring. I am taking steps to combat the boredom as best I can. I also realized: routines save you money!

Example Routines:

  • You make your own coffee by setting the pot each night: save money on Starbucks
  • Cook big on weekends: Leftovers for the early week
  • Stock breakfast bars or the commute in: No expensive donuts or scones
  • Combine Errands: Run to grocery, drug, and other stores in the same trip (save gas)
  • Dine out midweek: A lot of restaurants offer coupons or specials during the week
These as just a few of hundreds of examples of how routines and daily planning can cut your costs in almost all areas. Some of us may have routines and not realize it. Think about your typical day from start to finish. Do you have frugal routines or do they cost you extra money each week?