Using up groceries: It's working!

I am now in the habit of using up what I have in the house more often. For a while I would succumb to my "cravings" for certain things. I still do sometimes but also try my best to use up leftovers. I do this mostly through taking lunch to work and mixing in whatever leftovers I have.

Sometimes I make larger amounts of side dishes to use more than once in a week. Potatoes and salads are examples of where I can do the same amount of work for multiple meals and have less dishes, less utilities, and less effort involved. This is a win on all fronts!

My next experiment will be with bulk cooking main dishes and freezing them. Things like chicken and pork can be cooked all at once on the grill or in the oven and used multiple times down the road. I am going to try this first with my next bulk Costco chicken purchase and see how it goes.

I can actually see my food cost going down overall which is my main goal. Food is too expensive to waste!