Reasons to own an iPad

Now that I have an iPad and have been using it for a while I find that I use it most often for certain things. I decided to share my list for those who may be on the fence about buying one. They are expensive!

What I use my iPad for:

  • Travel. Great for watching movies, reading, and light web surfing and email. Good for short trips where you don't want to lug around a 10 pound laptop. Weekend trips ideal.
  • Netflix. The screen is large enough to watch shows and movies on. The battery lasts a long time so no issue there. Quality is great!
  • Second Monitor. I bought the $10 app that allows me to use it as a second monitor for my laptop. It works over wifi and very well at that!
  • Web Surfing and Email. This is great for doing small things just before bed. Send a quick email or surf a couple of pages. 
  • Light Gaming. Games look great on the iPad and the large screen is awesome!
Other lesser uses include: iMessage (texting), calendar, and news. iPhoto app just came out and it is very nice for editing photos while traveling. I am also looking into the camera kit for offloading pictures to it for viewing on a larger screen. iCloud syncing is nice so I have my data on it too. It is a nice toy with some great uses!